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International Travel

There are many things to consider when booking internationally.  From travel documents to tech gadgets, these are my recommendations for seamless travel overseas.  

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Travel Documents

When traveling, you want to make sure you have the documents you need to easily navigate the ins and outs of entering a new country.  



Passports are the best option for all international travel, but some types of travel allow alternate documentation.  


Passports books are valid for airplane travel, road trips, and cruises with no limitations.  Passport cards are valid at land border crossings in Canada and Mexico and at many sea ports. Passports cards are not valid for international airline travel.  


In all cases, ensure that passports have an expiry date that is valid for 6 months after travel dates. 

Medical Documentation

Many travel destinations are required proof of COVID-19 vaccination.  If you are traveling and need proof of vaccination at your destination, you should have your physical document on you.  Some destinations will accept 

Travelers should bring important medical documentation for any special needs they may have.  Talk to your doctor before you leave to make sure your prescriptions will last the duration of the trip. Please ensure that your prescriptions are legal in the countries you are traveling to.  

Gadgets and Tech

Sometimes differences in electronic gear can be jarring on an international trip.  Here are some options that travelers have.

Gadgets and Tech

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International Safety

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